• Air Conditioning for a Multiple Office Development
  • 5 story building, new build
  • Multiple applications including offices and a gymnasium
  • Centrally controlled by a Building Management System
  • Completed in 15 weeks, meeting challenging deadlines

Retail Outlet in Worthing

  • High street retail outlet in West Sussex
  • Air conditioning to a centrally ducted system
  • New system replacing old R22 ducted coils
  • Reducing running costs by 32%
  • Providing closer temperature controls, within 4°C with increased flexibility

Mortuary and Autopsy Facility

  • Multiple Mortuary Installation in Scotland, providing storage for 360 units
  • The total system was designed and built by Shivers working closely with the client, giving two years extended warranty
  • The Function of each area was closely defined and temperature specification controlled to with 2°C, all with 60% standby duty
  • Pass through Cold Storage, from reception to autopsy room preventing cross contamination
  • Accommodating bariatric along with holding freezer storage

Retail Banking Outlet (Dorking)

  • High Street Bank, R22 replacement works
  • Known as "Drop & Swop", cleaning existing pipe work, replacing any faulty, warn or corroded components, commissioned and set to run
  • Work completed at night in public areas to avoid any disruption to the business

Highstreet Coffee Shop (Strand)

  • Food preparation area in a well know branded High Street Coffee Shop
  • Recovering air temperature & quality from the influence of cooking, refrigeration equipment, lighting and a busy retail environment
  • The project was carried out within a shop fitting environment, with some work being completed at night while the shop remained open during the day

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